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Recruiting Conference and Workshop
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Executive Professionals Placements

At Talent Hub we believe that as a Client, it's important for us to learn about your company's culture, business plans, strategy, management style, and team dynamics when identifying the best match for you.

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Extreme Recruiting – Advanced Strategies for Dominating The Market In Your Search For Technical Talent If you're struggling to fill technical and engineering positions...

Recruiting Conference and Workshop
Healthcare Recruitment &
Training Expo

The healthcare industry is reliant on a highly skilled, highly educated, high-cost, and high-in-demand workforce. The key success factors for the identification, hiring and retaining of exceptional talent are therefore necessities in any HR professional’s arsenal.

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Why Exhibit?
1) Fill your vacancies
2) Use this Expo as a platform to fulfill all your recruitment needs – whether you are looking for an experienced medical specialist or a reliable member for your support staff - the Expo will deliver all aspects of the healthcare workforce
3) Make the right impression - pre-schedule Face-to-Face interviews the Expo to ensure your time is spent efficiently
4) Broaden your Recruitment program
5) Recruitment Expo are a key way to meet, screen and recruit new staff in a time effective manner. Remove the red tape by meeting the candidate directly and make immediate decisions on whether the candidate is right for you
6) Brand yourself as a great place to work
7) Be seen as a leading employer in the healthcare market through our marketing and PR channels
8) Gain access to a talent pool of qualified professionals
9) Through the Recruitment Expo we can help source specific job roles to assist in your recruitment plan
10) Conduct recruitment effectively, saving time and money
11) The dedicated marketing team will advertise your vacancies prior the event, and when the time comes – supply you with applicants, letting you shortlist and schedule face-to-face interviews
12) Face-to-Face Interviews
13) The face-to-face interview will always remain the key factor in making a hiring decision. You can meet your candidates along with other members of your company to remove doubt from the first contact point
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