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Recruiting Conference and Workshop
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At Talent Hub we believe that as a Client, it's important for us to learn about your company's culture, business plans, strategy, management style, and team dynamics when identifying the best match for you.

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Extreme Recruiting – Advanced Strategies for Dominating The Market In Your Search For Technical Talent If you're struggling to fill technical and engineering positions...

Recruiting Conference and Workshop
Healthcare Recruitment &
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The healthcare industry is reliant on a highly skilled, highly educated, high-cost, and high-in-demand workforce. The key success factors for the identification, hiring and retaining of exceptional talent are therefore necessities in any HR professional’s arsenal.

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The Ultimate Recruiting Conference and Workshop
Featuring Dr. John Sullivan, the man dubbed the "Michael Jordan of recruiting"
Dr. John Sullivan is a professor of management and in-demand speaker who has been called one of the "industry's most respected strategists." In his more than four decade-long career he's authored 10 books and hundreds of articles, and is known world-wide as a visionary and provocateur for his forward-thinking style and flair.
This fiercely competitive labour market requires AGGRESSIVE APPROACHES, SO don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to:
1. LEARN how to attract quality individuals through developing effective AND INNOVATIVE recruitment strategies
2. RESTRUCTURE your recruitment process to IMPROVE RESULTS, INCREASE HIRING SPEED and cut costs
3. DEVELOP the tools to replicate the best recruitment and retention PRACTICES IN USE today
4. PARTICIPATE in HIGHLY INTERACTIVE round table discussions with fellow industry professionals
5. NETWORK with leading HR specialists throughout Alberta
When: Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Where: Metropolitan Centre in Calgary
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Specifically Designed For:
1. HR Directors/Managers
2. Talent Acquisition Professionals
3. Business Leaders
4. Strategic Planning Workforce
5. Human Resources
6. Succession Planning
7. Education and Training Advisors
8. Human Resource Advisors and Consultants
* Register before July 1 and take advantage of our special rates and offers.
* Register a team of four from your company to the conference at the same time and receive a free pass for the fifth delegate
Members Promo Code : thub
Discount : 10.00% if registered by July 31,2012
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